About This Blog & Blogger

About This Blog 

From now on, I will be posting regular reviews of holiday destinations, hotels, restaurants, books, movies and consumer equipment (cameras, TV/Video Hi-Fi, computers etc).

As a writer and photographer (novelist and photojournalist) I get to travel to and take photographs of a number of interesting places. But I also read a fair amount and watch a lot of movies. Sharing knowledge and opinions is not only useful to me, in terms of helping me formulate and refine opinions, but it might also be useful to you

Please feel free to contact me to share your reactions or your own opinions and experiences.

Who Am I? 

I’m a 45 years old male living in Sussex and London, England. I have degrees in Politics, Economics and Philosophy and in Anthropology. I’m a published novelist, journalist and photographer with previous lives in Investment Banking and as an Internet entrepreneur.

I use mainly Apple computers (Dual g4 and Macbook Pro) and currently use a Canon 5d camera with various lenses and a Panasonic LX-2 as a carry-around. I’ve just ordered a Leica M8 and will soon publish a review of it.

My favourite novel is Bruce Chatwin’s ‘On the Black Hill’ and my favourite recent movie is The Proposition. For comedy I like The Adams Family 2 (much underrated).

Favourite hotels are the Splendido in Portofino, Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio and the Lungarno in Florence. This year I’ve been to Italy a few times and to Mauritius, France and Ibiza. I will soon post a review of the St Geran, Mauritius. In December I’ll be staying at the Zermatterhoff in Zermatt, Switzerland and will review it then. Favourite places to go are Santa Fe, New Mexico and Key West, Florida – or anywhere in Italy. I used to live part of the time near Cannes, and don’t go back much…

Restaurants will get reviewed as and when but so far the best places I’ve been are the Fat Duck in Bray and a place behind a petrol station in Tuscany, the name of which I can’t remember and might not share if I could…

I change cars quite often and will review them as and when. Currently in a Boxster S, review to come.
I like technology and change it quite often. I’m currently playing with a 50″ Pioneer plasma and will review it.

Most reviewers have a speciality but I’m going to try hard not to. All of the above things are pieces in the jigsaw of pleasure and I’m aiming to represent the bigger picture. Bear with me as I learn.



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