Jam and Jerusalem: a review

French and Saunders, two of the most venerated names in British comedy, have written and produced a new comedy based on the lives of a group of WI women in a Devon village where Not Very Much Happens. It takes a dream cast (Saunders, French, Joanna Lumley, Doreen Mantle and Maggie Steed) and in effect flushes them down the loo, with no attempt being made to clean the bowl afterwards.

Lumley wisely wears so much prosthetic makeup that she can’t be recognised, and also wisely, given the inability of the ‘director’ to direct comedy with any comedic rhythm, hardly speaks. This is the mark of a true pro, pushed into a no-hope project by personal loyalty.

Saunders also looks like she’s trying to keep a low-ish profile. Unlike French, who mugs and gurns for the camera in a manner likely to wilt whatever laurels she may have left to rest on.

A gem from the BBC website attempting to big this crud up:

“It was during the [filming of the] church scene – for the GP’s funeral – that some members [of the cast] had to stifle the giggles.”

Well I’m glad someone had a laugh.


~ by timashley on November 24, 2006.

10 Responses to “Jam and Jerusalem: a review”

  1. nI thought it was very funny and a return to form after the last few dire episodes of French and Saunders, and the funeral scene was the funniest bit

  2. As they say, your mileage may vary… I got about 1/3 of a mile to the gallon 😦

  3. kayley andrews was really good in the extras but didnt do much expect kiss ben tabiner

  4. kayley did verry well in extras but i think she should be up graded to main charecter for she has verry big tits

  5. How very grown-up of you Olly. I am sure that with that attitude, all the girls must find you very attractive and sophisticated.

  6. oi m8 i wrote the fisrt comment nd the 2nd 1 was my m8 who wrote the 2nd 1 nd im only 14 so fuck u bitch

  7. Well that explains everything. So sorry to have been rude. You are clearly a gentleman…


  9. yea i wrote the 2nd comment u cunt now fuck off so there n olly y r u apoligising

  10. Trice says : I absolutely agree with this !

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